Mattress trade group shuns state-based EPR

The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) doesn’t want states to begin passing stewardship laws aimed at mattress recovery and recycling. The trade group, which represents mattress manufacturers, is so opposed to these proposals that it’s seeking to convince Congress to pass a national stewardship law for its products that would preempt state laws. And that idea has its detractors.  Mattresses can be a big headache to dispose of. They’re bulky, take up space in landfills, are regularly illegally dumped, can soak up muck and grime and can be a refuge for bed bugs. And, as they can be expensive for municipalities to handle, many find that they are not economically viable to recycle.  Across the country, there have been efforts by state and local governments to increase recycling of mattresses and box springs. And some industry groups have also shown more interest in recycling used mattresses, including the ISPA.  By Jake Thomas See Full Story

Source:  Resource Recycling