About WPA


The Western Plastic Association (WPA) is a trade association dedicated to representing the broad interests of the Plastic Industry in the Western States and Canadian Provinces of North America. Our goal is to unify the Industry and educate legislators and the public through programs and newsletters.

WPA was created out of the trade organization, the California Film Extruders and Converters Association (CFECA). CFECA has been in existence since the 1970’s and represented the interests of the film and bag industry in California and the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. CFECA had many successes in the legislative arena, and provided its members with the opportunity to network on a monthly basis. The new name for CFECA, The Western Plastics Association, represents our expansion as a plastics trade association to all the sectors of the industry.


  • Serve as the voice of Western Processors with regard to political, environmental and industry issues.
  • Provide educational opportunities for its members, including discussions of relevant technical, business and legal issues.
  • Provide a forum for networking through programs held at multiple locations on the West Coast.


John Picciuto, President
H Muehlstein & Co.

Laurie Hansen,
Executive Director


Annette Sauder, Layfield Group
Jared Sauder, Layfield Group
Bruce Carter, Great American Packaging
Chandler Hadraba, Bradley Packaging
David McKinney, ISOFlex Packaging
Harald Goeppert, Hudson-Sharp
Kevin Kelly, Emerald Packaging
Michael Hailfinger, INX International
Randy Holmes, Heritage Bag Company
Ray Hufnagel, Plastic Express
Roger Hewson, Windmoeller Hoelscher
Roxanne Vaughan, Roplast
Steve DeSpain, Reifenhauser

Member Companies

AEP Industries, Inc.
Allied Plastics
Allstate Plastics
Al’s Plastics
American Starlinger-Sahm, Inc.
Andreini & Company
Asean Corp.
Bamberger Polymers, Inc.
Barry Wehmiller Co.
Berry Plastics
Biodegradable Products Institute
Blaige & Company
Bradley Packaging Systems
CDB Packaging
Colortech, Inc.
Comexi North America Group
Command Packaging
Commex Corp.
Crown Poly, Inc.
Dart Container Company
Dow Chemical
Electronics for Imaging
Elkay Plastics Co., Inc.
Emerald Packaging, Inc.
EREMA North America Inc.
Flexstar Packaging
Great American Packaging
Heritage Bag Company
Heritage Plastics Inc.
Hosokawa Alpine American
Hub International Insurance Services
Hudson-Sharp Machine Company
Ingenia Polymers Corporation
Inx International
KBA North America
Layfield Plastics, Ltd.
Lifecycle Products LLC
LyondellBassell Chemical Co.
M. Holland Company
Master Arts Inc.
Muehlstein & Co.
National Plastics Color, Inc.
Nature Works
Nova Chemicals
OEC Graphics
Osterman and Company
Patriot Risk & Insurance
Paper Converting Machine Company
Petrochem Wire
Plastic Express
Poly Pak America, Inc.
Process Control Corporation
Regatta Solutions
Reifenhauser Inc.
Repsco, Inc.
Roplast Industries, Inc.
Shaw Polymers
Ship & Shore Environmental
Sigma Plastics Group
Signature Flexible Packaging
Sun Plastics
S. Walter Packaging
Syncro USA
Techmer PM
Titus Services
Toyo Ink America
Trademark Plastics
Turner Group
Wardley Film
Weiler & Associates, LLC
Westlake Chemical Company
Windmoeller & Hoelscher
Zip Pak


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