Federal bill would create zero waste grant program

Recycling interests are applauding a bill in Congress that would authorize a grant program to fund waste reduction, recycling and reuse efforts.  The Zero Waste Development and Expansion Act (H.R. 3237) calls for creating a U.S. EPA grant program, which would fund local government efforts to deploy technology, invest in infrastructure and conduct outreach in support of waste reduction, recycling and reuse.  It was introduced July 28 by Minneapolis-area Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison and referred to the House of Representatives’ Energy and Commerce Committee.  Read Full Story

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In California, Millions of ‘Shade Balls’ Combat a Nagging Drought

acing a long-term water crisis, officials concerned with preserving a reservoir in Los Angeles hatched a plan: They would combat four years of drought with 96 million plastic balls.  On Monday, Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles arrived at the 175-acre Los Angeles Reservoir to release the final installment of the project: 20,000 small black orbs that would float atop the water.  The scene resembled something found at a playground — “You turned the reservoir into the world’s largest ball pit? #bestmayorever,” wrote one supporter on the mayor’s Facebook page — but the initiative has serious implications for the city’s water supply.  By

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Environmental groups sue H.B. over repeal of plastic bag ban

Three California environmental groups are suing Huntington Beach, claiming that the city unjustifiably repealed its ban on plastic bags.  The Huntington Beach/Seal Beach chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, Costa Mesa-based Orange County Coastkeeper and Sacramento-based Californians Against Waste filed a claim Wednesday in Orange County Superior Court, stating that the city failed to prepare a proper environmental impact report analyzing the effects of lifting the ban, said Angela Howe, an attorney representing the group.  “[The city] did a 10-page addendum to the original environmental impact report, which was issued with the 2013 bag ban itself,” she said. “The addendum breezes through all the issues and doesn’t put any analysis into what the real harm will be from this new setting.”  By Anthony Clark Carpio  Read Full Story

Source:  Huntington Beach Independent


Dallas’ plastic bag ordinance is now a thing of the past

DALLAS – City Council voted to repeal the city’s plastic bag ordinance last week over the objections of Councilman Dwaine Caraway and others. Starting Monday, retailers in the city will no longer be required to charge an environmental fee for every bag they provide customers. Under the ordinance, retailers had been forced to charge an environmental fee starting at five cents per bag. By Sebastian Robertson, WFAA   Read Full Story

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The April Issue of WPA Today Newsletter

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Are plastic bags back in Huntington Beach?

Plastic bags brought Mike Posey into politics.  And Monday night, Posey led the charge to bring plastic bags back to Huntington Beach.  The City Council supported Posey’s ordinance repealing the ban on plastic bags (and the 10-cent mandatory charge for paper bags) by a 6-1 vote.  BY KEITH SHARON   See Full Story

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Procter & Gamble Joins National Effort to Recycle Flexible Plastic Wraps, Bags

ACC is pleased to announce that the Procter & Gamble Co. (NYSE:PG) has joined the Flexible Film Recycling Group (FFRG), a self-funded group that is driving unprecedented growth in the recovery of flexible polyethylene (PE) film, wraps and bags. “Optimizing and recovering packaging is a key part of our sustainability mission at P&G,” said Stephen Sikra, P&G Research and Development Manager. “Our aim is to reduce our environmental footprint as a Company and that of the consumers who choose our products. Working with the FFRG and our value chain partners to expand film collection and recycling is a focused priority as we work toward that goal.”  See Full Story

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New Research on Principal Component Analysis

Researchers from the Spanish University of Zaragoza have carried out a PCA (Principal Component Analysis) on inks commonly used in food packaging materials and the migration of ink components to food.  By Jenny Eagle+Jenny EAGLE, 02-Dec-2014.  See full story

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Proposed ballot measure means California plastic bag ban likely on hold

Plastic bag manufacturers stand to sell 9 billion additional plastic bags simply by gathering enough signatures for a ballot measure to repeal the state’s plastic bag ban, which is scheduled to take effect July 1.  BY MARTIN WISCKOL  Read Full Story

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Opinion: Plastic bag referendum is no-lose situation

Superficially, it would seem to make little sense for the plastic grocery bag industry to spend millions of dollars on a referendum to overturn the state’s new ban on their products.  After all, dozens of cities have already imposed plastic bag bans of their own, and a recent poll by the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles Times found that voters support a statewide ban by a nearly 2-1 margin. But bag companies are spending heavily to gather the hundreds of thousands of registered-voter signatures they need to place the issue before voters in 2016.  By Dan Walters Read More

Source:  Sacramento Bee